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I am an artist who presents mixed cultures, strong female characters, and a focus on connecting with people who, like me, are trying to find their place in this world. 

My on-camera journey while studying Journalism at NYU,  soon to realize that the world of cinema, stories and acting was where I wanted to head into. Since then, I have been performing any chance I get, and as I travel the world, from New York, London, Amsterdam, and now Berlin, I chronicle my art and performing journey. 
I have featured in 3 short films, and now actively do outdoor theatre to highlight climate issues, volatile political systems, and social injustice of all shapes and sizes. 

As a photojournalist and model, my focus is to map the sustainable fashion world and how it must replace the way we understand fashion. 
I am also the founder of #sustainableactors, to promote more artists to showcase their solidarity with sustainability. Media, art, and performers have a collective influence that hits people directly in the heart, and it is important to use this power with responsibility. 

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