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For as long as I can remember, I have had henna art around me. It seeps into my art, and I doodle motifs and designs all day long. When I learned traditional and digital art, I realized that symbols meant a greater deal to me than other artists. My art is a combination of tradition and modern, it is a unique henna experience that breaks barriers, and creates designs that are unique to the person. I combine my knowledge of psychology, art and traditional henna art to create patterns that fit the personality of my client. 

often, this means creating tattoos with henna, creating calligraphy and designs that combine tradition with some fun and creativity.  


I’m a certified Pranic healer and combine healing with custom henna designs for a unique experience. This includes a small massage, chakra healing and ultimately a unique henna design that matches your personality.

I also work with black jagua ink which is completely organic. 
And of course- If you just want the design - that’s also ok 🙂 

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