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Digital Marketing Expert

I am a Dutch-Indian marketing expert, currently living between Berlin and New York.
I worked previously for Facebook as a marketing expert, helping businesses grow and consulting them on their digital and financial growth. I worked within the team handling the largest budgets and navigating various markets. I have the consulting gene in my blood, with a family background in financial consulting and asset management. 
I am a creative nomad though, delving into travel blogging, digital branding, and creative consulting.
Amongst other things, I work on creating brands - the voice, the message, and most importantly, the creative strategy. For me, it's all about going the extra mile to ensure great ROI and tangible growth results for my clients.
Together with my German, Swedish, Dutch and American network, I work on pitching funding projects, investor meet-ups, and idea planning. We do the research, the specific language implementation, and ultimately solutions for all your marketing/funding and investing problems. 
Amongst other things, we offer help with official documents in local languages, government program applications, job seekers, and citizenship applicants.  

Now offering special Content Strategy Seminars

There's a lot of content out there on social media giving generic information about growing, but no unique educational package that offers you customised growth techniques that work for you, but also education YOU to be able to grow on your own. With the amount of saturated content out there, I offer you an actionable learning webinar that will give you the necessary tools to propel your marketing strategy to the next level. 

Image by Elissa Garcia
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