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Episode 1 - The betrayal

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The pain was the first thing she registered.

Drissy undoes the binding around her body,

The one hiding her from the soldiers in the battalion.


She looks around her, left and right; before blowing the candles out.

The warm liquid dripping out from her chest didn't look promising.

She'd come out of worst though.

Her only concern, for now, was to get someone to heal her, without revealing her secret.


Footsteps approach her, a hurried tap tap tap.

She knew it was him before he opened his mouth.

'' Jonah, shit, are you ok my brother! ''

AAAAAh, just the person she needed.

Gillian wouldn't know a woman's body if she were standing naked in front of him, not that Gillian had ever seen one.


''Been worse...'' she coughs out.

''Let me look at yo.'''

''No!....I, I mean the light hurts my eyes, I'll tell you what to do, I just need some patching up.''


''No princess, you need to die,'' she hears Gillian snarl.

''What the fu...''

The world goes black.

There is a slight buzz in the air, and the world is yellow.

she knows it is yellow, though the concept of colors is not really what preoccupies her at this moment.


For some reason, that dweeb Gillian had stabbed her.

Now, she was stuck in a tiny hole, trying to paw herself out.

The warmth, this time is comforting. Her sensations are heightened. The softness of the cove is somehow comforting. Drissy leans back in, if only for a little while to bask in the heat.


Her mind is whizzing at a mile an hour, why was she here again? Didn't she need to do something?

Curiosity takes over comfort, and she paws her way out.

She looks around, a catacomb of holes covers the surface of wherever it is that she was.

A soft buzzing, somehow enticing to her ears pulls her towards it.


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